CT Nutrition - Sustainable Weight Loss Program
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Step-by-step guide to amazing fat loss results from the comfort of your own home

Start your weight loss journey with the CT Nutrition Coaching program.

The team at CT Nutrition provide clients with the tools to take control of their weight loss journey and develop healthy eating habits that are sustainable and appropriate to their lifestyle.

Weight loss is not a once off and the CT Nutrition programme helps clients to focus on education and empowerment rather than dwelling on deprivation. Those who commit to following a healthy and nutritious lifestyle achieve significant fat loss.

How does it Work?

CT Nutrition provides online coaching to members through their Facebook group. Within this group, you will have access to step by step guides to start you on a sustainable weight loss journey. 

Based on experience participants who follow the Fat Loss Programme see results within the initial 2 month period.

What's included?

  • Membership of the CT Nutrition Facebook Group
  • Step by Step guide to getting started on your fat loss journey
  • Support and guidance from qualified fat loss experts 
  • Regular consultations to ensure you are on target
  • Varied recipes and tips to ensure you have easy to prepare tasty meals every day.
  • CT Nutrition designed Home workouts including:
    • Mobility exercises
    • Core strengthening
    • Calorie burning routines (beginner, intermediate & advanced options)
These exercises are optional and not necessary for fat loss but will make you feel better!
  • The support of like-minded group members who are on the same path.

What you will need:

  • A digital kitchen scales

  • A bathroom scales

  • The (free to download) MyFitnessPal app

  • A Facebook account

  • A small bit of patience

What does it cost?

The CT Nutrition plan costs €20 per month with an initial commitment of €40 which covers the first 2 months membership.

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Meet the Team


Niall and Colm who will guide you on your path to sustainable weight loss.