Christmas Safety
14th December 2016
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Around this time of year the issue of safety in your home is widely seen across the News, social media and on the radio as the Gardaí and Fire Service reiterate the importance of being prepared and vigilant over the festive season. Many of us will ignore most of the suggestions after all “that won’t ever happen to us” – well the only way to ensure this is to make sure you are introducing the necessary measures in your home so that you don’t become a statistic or warning story in the future.

With that being said we have compiled the top tips which can help you stay safe in your home over the Christmas holidays.

Check your smoke alarms. It is something we all may put on the long finger but especially at this time of year it is important we take a minute out of our day to ensure all the alarms in your house are working effectively. They are your first line of defence if a fire was to start in your home so why take the risk?

Clean your chimney. It is so important that your chimney has been sufficiently cleaned as we begin to continually light a fire as the cold weather creeps in. The build-up of soot in your chimney acts as a barrier which will cause your chimney to ignite which can devastate your home. It also increases the levels of carbon monoxide in your home which is a silent killer as it has no smell or taste for you to detect.

Is your tree treated? If you are using an artificial tree in your home make sure it has been pre-treated to make it flame resistant. Also keep it away from direct heat or radiators.

Fireproof your Christmas tree. If you have a real Christmas tree you may not be aware that they dry out and become a fire hazard in your home. To prevent this keep your tree hydrated by placing water near the base of the tree.

Switch of all appliances. With Christmas comes a lot more appliances being in use and you must also remember to plug them out at night. Make it a regular check to go through your home and ensure you have plugged everything out and turned everything off for peace of mind as you sleep.

Take care in the kitchen. Did you know that most fires begin in the kitchen? Never leave cooking unattended and take care while celebrating the Christmas period as the risk of accidents increase after alcohol is consumed.

Last but by no means least - have an escape plan. If your home was to catch fire would you have an emergency escape route planned for your family? Talk it through and identify primary and secondary route of escape in the event an accident was to occur with a designated meeting place also chosen.

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