New Microchipping Law
23rd September 2015
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By March 2016 it will be required by law that all dogs have a microchip and are registered on a national database.

So what is microchipping? This is where a small electronic device with a unique number which is implanted under the dog’s skin. The chip itself contains no information but it is a unique number which will allow a vet to identify the owners details once scanned. The vet or animal welfare organisation can scan the chip and consult a national database and contact the owners.

The onus is on the owners to ensure that the information is correct at all times. If there is a change to any of these details you should contact the register and update the details, just as you would anything else if you were to move house.

Microchipping a dog costs from €20 – €50 depending on whether a health check is required. Come April 2016 owners of dogs found without a microchip will be given a short time to have the procedure done or face a fine of up to €5,000.

The introduction of this law hopes to help decrease the number of dogs being unnecessarily destroyed as it has been shown to be successful in Countries where it is a compulsory law. Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney stated that the introduction will have a number of benefits for owners. It will aid in the return of any stray, lost or stolen dogs and assist in acquiring a pet passport as it is a requirement for one to be issued. It will also hopefully act as a deterrent to owners who abandon their dog.

The compulsory electronic registration and tracking system is beginning this September with puppies and come March it will include adult dogs. This new law does not mean you will no longer need to obtain a dog licence, this will still be required for your pet.

For more details or information regarding how this will affect you contact your local vet or animal charity organisation.

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