Want to be involved in the 2016 Census?
23rd December 2015
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The Central Statistics Office (CSO) are looking for members of the public who are interested in becoming an enumerator for the upcoming Census.

They will be taking applications from the 5th of January until the 9th a very short window of entrance for anyone interested in volunteering. Once the applications have been reviewed and the individuals interviewed they will be taking over 4,000 enumerators who will be recruited to deliver and collect more than 2.3 million Census forms over a 10 week period.

The role of Enumerator is a unique one as you will deliver census forms to all residences in your assigned area ahead of census night, ensuring that you have a contact name for each residence. You will then collect the forms in advance of the collection completed deadline. You must ensure that all of the required documentation is completed correctly.

There are a number of challenges associated with the role and the CSO have designed a number of questions to assist in deciding whether the role of Enumerator would suit you.

This often requires a good level of physical fitness. As you are out walking from the many houses you will have to cover in your designated area.

If you are interested in applying to become an enumerator you must be happy to work outdoors, be flexible to carry out this work throughout the day, be confident in speaking with people about the census at their home, have the space to store all the paperwork involved and be able to manage the paperwork involved. You must also be free to carry out at least 22 hours a week from March 21st to May 27th.

Enumerators can expect to typically earn €2,400 on average, for their work during this 10 week period which will be on a fee / allowance basis. It is made up as follows:

  • Weekly advance: €100 (paid in arrears)
  • Training allowance: €200
  • Fees per forms delivered/collected: Variable
  • Summarisation: €230
  • Terminal Bonus: €445
  • Home storage allowance: €140
  • Sunday and bank holiday work allowance: €210
  • Travel Allowance: Variable

Anyone interested in partaking can apply online here with over 200 volunteers required to cover the Kildare area alone. 

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