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Showcase your business by calling Markimedia for professional video production in Dublin today, They specialise in testminonial videos, event videos, promotional videos and more.


Professional Video Production in Dublin 

Markimedia specialise in corporate and promotional video production that will bring your business to life. 

As a professional video production company based in Dublin, the experienced team will showcase your business, products and services to enable you to get your message across to potential customers quickly and effectively. 

Customer Testimonial Videos 

Recognising that word of mouth is an effective form of marketing, Markimedia specialise in customer testimonial videos to highlight your customer successes and drive business to your company. 

Testimonial videos are straightforward, to-the-point video interviews that highlights the customers experience when working with you.  It also adds authenticity to your marketing efforts. 

Interviewing 3-4 of your clients, the team at Markimedia will ask each customer how they feel about your business and why they would recommend you.

Taking care of the whole video production, only one shoot is required and there is minimal editing time – meaning you will soon have your finished video. 

If you would like a customer testimonial video, talk to the experienced team at Markimedia today. 

Video Production Services 

When you hire Markimedia to create a video for you, the experienced team will do everything from planning, shooting, editing to delivering the final video.  Other services include: 

  • Promotional Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Brand Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Animated Videos
  • And more! 

If you would like a high-quality video to suit your audience, talk to Markimedia today – they have produced videos for Peperami, Brew Dog, Department of Social Protection and more. 

Why Choose Markimedia? 

It’s simple …... 

  • You will receive a video of the highest standard to promote your company.
  • The team will listen to your needs to ensure all your requirements are met.
  • They have worked with well known brands
  • They take care of your video production from start to finish. 

If you want more information about Markimedia and how they can help your business, call today!

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