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6 tips to help reduce the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus
6 tips to help reduce the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus
  • Posted by Sandyford Healthcare | 3rd April 2020 | ... Comments
Take the necessary steps and reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus. Sandyford Healthcare provide useful tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe.
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Healthy Easter Eating
Healthy Easter Eating
Sandyford Healthcare advice on a healthy diet during festive season.
A Coronavirus mental health book to help cope with the challenges we are all facing today.
Avoid COVID19 Fake news with the World Health Organization's WhatsApp Health Alert.
Tuesday Tip - Video Calling
Tuesday Tip - Video Calling
How Video Calls Could Help Your Business during Covid-19
...that would give you a warm feeling and genuinely help them.
COVID -19 is creating very serious challenges for the business community. Be aware of the government supports and resources which have been made available.
Local Enterprise Week 2020 runs across the country from 2 - 6 March with a fantastic series of local business events scheduled.
Today is Pancake Tuesday 2020 - Why do we love the humble pancake so much
Whether you’re in a romantic relationship, you’re single, or you just hate Valentine’s Day, there’s something on this week for you.
You may hear a lot of talk this week about internet safety and the reason for that is that the 11h February 2020 marks International Safer Internet Day. The theme for this awareness day is Together for a Better Internet. Have a read of our top tips to help keep the young people in your life safe when they are spending time online!
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