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  • The Old Corner House, Kilmacullagh, Newtown Mount Kennedy, Co. Wicklow
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Ever wondered what it would be like to be a photographic model for a day? Experience a magazine-style photoshoot for a day with Salvatore di Martino photography.

Salvatore is a portrait photographer originally from the beautiful island of Sicily.  His home for the last 15 years is in Co Wicklow where he lives with his family.

Salvatore’s passion is female portrait photography whereby his subjects can celebrate their unique style and personality in a magazine/celebrity style photoshoot.

What women doesn’t at some point appreciate being pampered and made to feel special.  A photographic session with Salvatore di Martino achieves just that along with creating beautiful memories which will be cherished for a lifetime.

The Process

  • Pre photo shoot styling consultation5fc8c165fb70e74b3746fce0

  • Professional Hair and Makeup

  • Guided Photoshoot

  • Professional retouching

  • Reveal appointment

Pre photo shoot styling consultation

What is your dream photograph? This is the time where you get a chance to tease out your style and personality resulting in a choice of outfits and colour combinations to create a suite of beautiful portrait photographs.

Professional Hair and Makeup

What woman doesn't love getting dressed up?  This is a once in a lifetime experience and your makeup artist for the day will be the wonderful Zoe Clark.  Zoe is one of Ireland's most accomplished make up artists and will make sure your makeup is unique and beautiful.

Guided Photoshoot

Most people are scared of the camera and feel self conscious.  Salvatore will guide you through the process to make sure you are relaxed and as a result photographed in the best possible poses.

Professional Retouching

Light retouching of the best images to remove little imperfections.

Reveal Appointment

The grand finale! A date will be arranged to review all the images so that you can choose your favourites and decide on the package that best suits your requirements.

Contact Salvatore di Martino Photography

For professional portrait photography get in touch with Salvatore on

087 136 3347