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Anne Mangan is a career coach in Dublin 18 who helps school leavers consider their CAO course options, helping them to achieve their career goals. If your teen is undecided about what to do with their future, talk to Anne Mangan today.

Anne Mangan - Career Coach for school-leavers in South Dublin

Is your teen feeling unhappy with their initial CAO choices or struggling to decide what to do with their future?

Anne Mangan is a career coach for school-leavers in Dublin who appreciates that choosing what to study can be a very difficult decision and requires lots of time, research and discussion. 

Passionate about working with students to help them achieve their goals, Anne offers a variety of services to ensure your teen has all the help they need when planning their future.

Career Coaching Services

Leaving Cert Students - CAO Change of Mind

Now that Leaving Cert exams are off the table, it is time for students to concentrate on reviewing their CAO choices. 

Choosing what and where to study is a BIG deal and they need to be sure that if offered the courses selected, they would still be keen to accept them. If there are any doubts or reservations, now is the time to take action.

As a Career Coach, Anne Mangan provides a number of services to help your teen at this time:

  • A Free 20-minute phone consultation with your teenager to help determine how confident they are in the course choices made and the order of priority listed. Did they cast their net wide enough when considering options in the first place?
  • 90-minute review of course choices – Anne will ask helpful questions to check if level of course and college information is adequate and accurate in order to make informed decisions. Support will be provided in prioritising course choices.
  • A follow-up session - only advised if there is a lot of further research required and many new decisions to be made.   

If your teen feels uncertain of the course choices they have made and you think they would benefit from Anne’s help, call now to find out more!

Commencing Leaving Cert in September? - Get Ahead with your CAO Application

Some students know exactly what they want to do when they leave school, but many do not.

Now is the perfect time to get started on figuring out what they want to do and draw up a well-informed list of courses that they are interested in including in the CAO Application. It's a big, high-stake project and can be overwhelming. Anne Mangan offers a one to one programme to students that will help them:

  • Start the year with a 1st draft of their CAO courses, in order of priority
  • Justify the reasons why they have included each course
  • Attend Career Fairs with a purpose
  • Choose the College Open Days they wish to attend and be clear about the information they need
  • Be clear about what information they need to ask previous students and graduates of the courses they are interested in
  • Be aware of any special requirements for a course such as portfolio and get started on its preparation.

The programme consists of four sessions.

For more information on the support provided by Anne Mangan, give her a call today!


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