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17th May 2020
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I don’t know about you, but back in February, when I first heard the rumblings of an unknown, potentially lethal virus heading our way, I put my head in the sand, hoping that it was just a bit of general media headline-grabbing exaggeration.

But a month later, whilst heading up a team of make-up artists working for a big charity fashion show in Dublin’s City Hall, I had my first make-up job ‘postponed’ via text due to the threat of the coronavirus. The feeling of foreboding grew as the backstage crew hugged and kissed each other, saying our goodbyes with a kind of irreverent frenzy.

Fast forward 2 weeks and lockdown happened. Inevitably, my job as a make-up artist became as dangerous an occupation as it was obsolete. Apart from the obvious, ‘who needs a make-up artist if you’re not stepping out anywhere (except perhaps to Tesco’s?!)’, I occupy the same airspace as my clients and models during every make-up application and lesson. We, essentially, do share the same oxygen. And I do touch their faces. So, let’s face it, it’s not an ideal profession during a pandemic.

However, I have personally revelled in my quarantine - not having to wear make-up, slobbing out in my comfies in front of my laptop or TV. Like so many others, the only time I’ve indulged in make-up has been when I’ve hopped on to my social media or Zoom meeting for a chat to camera.

But equally, many of us have had a chance to simply stop and think about our health. With regards to my profession, I have a feeling that the world will have a different outlook to make-up and all things cosmetic once we are allowed out to socialise again. Even more than before, my role as a make-up artist will, most likely, reflect all things natural, clean and fresh - helping clients look like themselves, only maybe a little better.

In the meantime, while we wait for the all-clear, I recommend that we simply relax, as much as our individual situations allow us to.

There will be plenty of time to purchase heavily-promoted lotions and potions. My advice? Save your money and keep it simple. Stick to your old reliable products until you know for sure, for example, that the bottle with 5+ stars on the flashy website does actually suit your skin type and will not make you orange…

Drink your water, take your vitamins, get as much exercise and sleep as you can, while you can.

For the restrictions will eventually end, and the chance for a fresh start will arrive.

So here’s to a happy and safe future with our best faces forward.

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