Working remotely - correct posture and movement.
28th April 2020
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Working from an office or from home - Keep moving.

These days as we work from home we find ourselves spending extended periods sitting in front of desktop or laptop computers. Although many tasks can often be really interesting and engaging, some are just boring but still needed to be completed resulting in long hours spent seated at the desk.  This can be quite damaging to a person's health in the longer term so it is important to take regular breaks and to keep moving.

Medical issues as a result of a sedentary lifestyle

Human beings are designed to move often. Many of us spend a significant period of our day sitting down. The main reason for this is a general increase in physically passive work and a certain lack of leisure sporting activities.

A common reason for a visit to the GP is a back pain.  Back pain is often difficult to diagnose but in many cases is linked to time spent sitting at a desk. Longer sitting periods can cause tension and tiredness in back muscles leading to posture degradation, spinal joint and disc issues as well as negative effects on blood circulation and other medical problems. 

Working from an office or from home  - it is vital to move!

Today, due to COVID-19 a lot of us are working from home - try to follow these simple steps to keep you wellbeing in shape:

  • Minimize the negative effects of prolonged sitting by trying to move at every opportunity.
  • It is vital to take regular breaks and rest, make time for exercise.
  • Practise clenching your fists or a rubber ball, perform neck, back, leg and arm stretching exercises as well as a short walk.
  • You should make short 5-10 min. exercises every 30-50 minutes.
  • Regular daily exercise will make a great positive effect to your wellbeing. 
  • It is very important to adopt a good posture while seated - Keep your head straight and bend your lower back slightly inwards
  • Your thighs and lower legs should form a right angle with the soles of your feet resting firmly on the floor. Shoulders should be lowered and the neck muscles relaxed.
  • If possible, it is worth considering choosing a desk that can facilitate working in both a sitting or standing position.

Stay safe and be positive !

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